The Ancient Text was a book originally in Monkey Fist's possession. He apparently intended to use it in yet another plot to crown himself a monkey ruler.[1]


Opening the book released a number of red, violent monkey spirits, which Monkey Fist referred to as "Phantom Monkeys".[1]



Kim Possible was suspended from cheerleading by the librarian, Miss Hatchet, because of an overdue library book, "A Brief History of Cheese". Ron Stoppable realized he had borrowed the book from Kim without asking, and assumed he had lost it on a mission. While retracing his steps, he came upon the Ancient Text in Monkey Fist's lair, and assumed it was the library book. When he opened it, an angry monkey spirit emerged. Ron was then attacked by Monkey Ninjas, who tried to recover the text. During the fight, Ron's backpack spilled open, revealing that he'd had the overdue book with him all along. Ron went to the library to return the book, but accidentally got them mixed up again, and so actually gave the Ancient Text to the library instead, and returned the library book to Kim. Miss Hatchet opened the Ancient Text, releasing several monkey spirits that burst through the library roof in a towering cyclone.[1]



Behind the Scenes

Episode Appearances

Season 3
US Broadcast
309a 58a Overdue


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