(Scene opens on Kim and Ron, dressed in flying suits. Kim is watching Drakken's lair with binoculars, when her communicator beeps.)

Kim: Sitch me.

Wade: Scanning indicates that Drakken's Atmosphere Disruptor is right below you.

Kim: Let's rock.

(She jumps off their ledge and easily glides along in her flying suit; however, Ron is having some difficulty as he flails around in the air.)

Kim: Come on, Ron, head in the game!

Ron: Sorry. I've just got my cousin Reuben's wedding coming up.

Kim: And that's bad how?

Ron: Uh, whole fam there, hello? Including evil cousin Shaun.

Rufus: (blows a raspberry) Shaun! Ugh!

(They land in Drakken's lair. Kim lands easily while Ron goes flying into a wall.)

Kim: So cousin Shaun's bad news?

Ron: Bad? Bad? He trashed my scooter, poured gravy down my pants-

(Kim opens a vent and they slide down.)

Ron: -and he tried to feed Rufus to his pet iguana.

(Meanwhile, Dr. Drakken presses a button and his Atmosphere Disruptor starts up. He and Shego are both wearing astronaut-style glass helmets, presumably to protect from the effects of the Disruptor.)

Drakken: In a few moments, the world will beg for mercy from my Atmosphere Disruptor! You want breathable air? Talk to the Doctor!

(Kim and Ron break through the vent in the wall. Again, Kim lands easily, while Ron lands on his back.)

Kim: I'd rather not, Drakken.

Drakken: Kim Possible?


Drakken: (to Shego) Well?

Shego: Uh, the usual? I attack, she fights?

Drakken: Have we become that predictable?

Shego: (sigh) Apparently so.

(She dives at Kim. As they fight, Ron keeps talking and makes absolutely no effort to help.)

Ron: And then, Shaun broke my favorite...(pause) Uh, KP, are you listening?

Kim: (as she fights Shego) Cousin Shaun...big bully...gravy down the pants...oh, why don't you tell your parents?

(She knocks Shego into Drakken and the pair fly backwards, hitting a self-destruct lever. As the Disruptor explodes, Kim shoots a grappling hook up and pulls Ron behind her as they escape.)

Ron: Well, I tried, but they're all, "Oh, Shawnie is littler than you."

Kim: Wait. How littler?

Ron: Seven. (Kim looks disgusted. He stammers.) But..but he, you know, li...he's an evil seven!

(The theme song plays. We open on Kim's house, where Ron, Kim and Rufus are eating popcorn and watching TV.)

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