Bermuda Triangle
Location: The Caribbean
First Appearance: So the Drama
The Bermuda Triangle is an entertainment location for the wealthy[1].


The Bermuda Triangle is located somewhere in the tropical region of the Caribbean[1].



The sign for the Bermuda Triangle, displaying a series of lights illustrating a sinking ship.

A large tropical island entertainment center, the Bermuda Triangle has a classy restaurant which includes live music, private rooms for poker and presumably other forms of gambling, and private lounges such as that which black-market mogul "Big Daddy" Brotherson is in when Dr. Drakken meets with him[1]. The patrons of the location are clearly shown to be wealthy and are formally dressed[1].

The fact that the location is heavily guarded by several layers of undersea security measures strengthens the likelihood that the Bermuda Triangle is an exclusive place of excess for the affluent[1].

Episode Appearances


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