Bobo Mugshot
Full Name: Bobo the Chimp
Alias(es): No Known Aliases
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Build: short and ape-like
Hair: brown
Eyes: black and beady
Skin: beige with brown fur
Hometown: Camp Wannaweep
Professional Info
  Camp Mascot
  No Known Affiliations
  No Known Relatives
  No Known Friends
Love Interest(s):
  No Known Love Interests
  No Known Pets
  Ron Stoppable
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Monkey Fist Strikes"
Voiced by:

Bobo the Chimpanzee is a recurring character from Disney's animated television series Kim Possible.

He debuted in the Second episode (airtime) of Season 1, and returned in the 13th episode. Since then he has appeared, or has been directly/indirectly referenced, in a number of episodes. He is unique in the franchise in that, while he is a recurring secondary character, he has only ever been seen during flashbacks.


Bobo was the animal mascot for Camp Wannaweep, a run down sleepaway camp located in forests somewhere outside of the fictional town of Middleton.

Several years prior to the start of season 1 he shared cabin 13 with a young Ron Stoppable. During which time ran rampage through the cabin, destroying its furnishings and menacing Ron to the extent that he suffered from a pathological fear of Monkeys for years afterwards.

Bobo is presumed to have left Wannaweep after it closed down, as he was not present during the events of "Sink or Swim, or "Return to Wannaweep". His current whereabouts are unknown.

Notable appearances/references include:

Episode (Airtime) Production code Air Date Title Notable
2 111 7 June 2002 Sink or Swim Bobo first introduced (by air time), but is not named or linked to Ron's fear of Monkeys.
13 103 13 September 2002 Monkey Fist Strikes Bobo first introduced (production order). Bobo is first named (air time), and is introduced as the cause of Ron's fear of Monkeys.
19 114 7 March 2003 Monkey Ninjas in Space Bobo is used to reinforce Ron's fear of Monkeys.
40 222 16 January 2004 Return to Camp Wannaweep Bobo is used to reinforce Ron's fear of Monkeys.

Production V air date

Based on production order, Bobo was initially scheduled to appear as a flashback character in the 3rd episode of Kim Possible (“Monkey Fist Strikes”), where he was to be introduced, and used to explain Ron's fear of Monkeys as a sub-plot relating to the villain Monkey Fist. He was then scheduled to reprise his role in episode 11 (“Sink or Swim”), where his connection to Ron was to be reinforced, and he was to be used to as part of the explanation of why Ron feared returning to Camp Wannaweep.

However, due to differences between the production order and the order in which episodes were aired, Bobo was first introduced to audiences (air date) as a nameless character in episode 2. His connection to Ron was stated, but his ongoing importance to the franchise was not noted as Ron's fear of Monkeys had not yet been introduced. He then returned in episode 13, where he was named. His role as the source of Ron's recurring fear of monkeys was also introduced (along with the fear itself).


  • Although Bobo is usually referred to as being a Monkey, his is actually a Chimpanzee. Making him an ape, not a monkey.
  • Bobo is never seen without his Camp Wannaweep Raccoon Skin hat.
  • Ron is the only permanent cast member ever to have seen Bobo.

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