dr-fan/mai-lover hhhm thry-a-kimposslibe-caeroosover-waith--l&s-yaes-a-kp&ls-more-about-kimposslibe-hero-not-kp0ego-jaerk oh-lelow-waesshow-real-pat-own-funny-is-kimposslibe-naver-kp-saires-naver-kp-5 oh l&s-got-a-aime-saire-out-of-the-kp&l&s-caeroosover

{Dr Fanmai Lover: Hmm. Try a Kim Possible crossover with Lilo & Stitch. Yes, a KP and L&S, more about KP the hero, not KP's ego. Jerk. Oh, Lilo was shown a real pet to own. Funny is the Kim Possible series never got to KP(season)5. Oh, and Lilo & Stitch got an animé series out of the KP and L&S crossover!] -- Love Robin (talk) 21:10, March 1, 2013 (UTC)

dr-fan/mai-lover aer-you-thinking-what-iam-thinking-howabout-kimposslibe--caeroosover-waith-i-daerime-of-jeannie-whaer-booine-is-part-geine so-i-put-you

dr-fan/mai-lover-mailover i know-what-cood-kimposslibe-kimposslibe-going-skeyhaigh so-i-put-you

It would have to be an AU since Sky High is a high school and Kim's already graduated.

Love Robin (talk) 02:19, May 13, 2013 (UTC)

dr-fan/mai-lover aer-you-thinking-what-iam-thinking-whaer kimposslibe&ron-gaite saved-bey-josh&tra&booine&woderbug so-i-put-you

dr-fan/mai-lover aer-you-thinking-what-iam-thinking-howabout-kimposslibe-croosover-waith-my-leetle-pony-whaer-shego-owns-the-rinbow-of-darknss so-i-put-you

dr-fan/mai-lover aer-you-thinking-what-iam-thinking howabout-kimposslibe-ceroosover-waith-johnny-teast-aka-aoying-meets-aoying

Hmm. Only if we could hook Kim up with Mary and Susan... Love Robin (talk) 02:05, June 28, 2013 (UTC)

dr-fan/mai-lover aer-you-thinking-what-iam-thinking-howabout-kimposslibe-ceroosover-waith-johnny-quest-were-tea-is-saister-of-johnny-quest-can-kp&ron-defeet-dr-d-shego&dr-zin-waith-team-quest,s-hepe

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