Cow and Chow is a fast food place in Middleton, which was never referred to until season 4. This place is apparently not one of Ron's favorite fast food places, but it does get mentioned several times.

  • Grande Size Me -- Mr. Barkin mentioned it, Jack Hench mentioned it, Ron, as a mutant, even grabbed some hamburgers from here. This is also the first place, where Kim, and Jim and Tim Possible, began trying to demutate Ron, by throwing food in the Wheel of Good Eating to him. Jim and Tim slingshotted a muffin and pasta into his mouth at this location.
  • Mathter and Fervent -- Ron stated if his father shows up at Bueno Nacho in tights, he will have to switch to Cow and Chow for life."
  • Graduation, Part 2 -- when one of the machines of destructions destroyed Bueno Nacho, Ron asked, why does this never happen to Cow and Chow.

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