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Dimension Twist
Production Number: 308
Season: 3
Executive Producer(s): Bob Schooley
Mark McCorkle
Writer(s): Unknown
Art Director(s): Unknown
Dialogue Director(s): Unknown
Broadcast Information
US Broadcast Number:
Disney Channel US Premiere:
April 1, 2005
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Main article: Dimension Twist/Transcript

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Middleton High School Reader Board

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Behind the Scenes

Cast & Crew

  • Executive Producers
  • Story Editor
  • Writers
  • Art Director
  • Line Producer
  • Storyboard Supervisor
  • Voice Talent
    • See Character List Above
  • Dialogue Directors
  • Voice Casting
  • Storyboard
  • Timing Directors
  • Lead Character Design
  • Character Design
  • Character Clean-Up
  • Location Design
  • Prop Design
  • Background Paint
  • Color Stylists
  • Main Title Design By
  • Production Manager
  • Overseas Animation Supervisor
  • Technical Director
  • Storyboard Revisions
  • Continuity Coordinator
  • BG Key Color Correction
  • Animation Production by
  • Film Editor
  • Assistant Film Editor
  • Pre-Production Track Editor
  • Animatic Editor
  • Scanners
  • Track Reading
  • Supervising Sound Editor
  • Sound Editor
  • Foley Mixer
  • Foley Artist
  • Re-Recording Mixers
  • On-line Editor
  • Original Dialogue Recording
  • Assistant Dialogue Engineer
  • Manager of Music Production
  • Post Production Manager
  • Post Production Supervisor
  • Audio Supervisor
  • Post Production Coordinator
  • Production Coordinators
  • Production Associate
  • Production Secretary
  • Production Control
  • Casting Manager
  • Script Coordinator
  • Produced by
    • Walt Disney Television Animation


  • Score by
    • Adam Berry
  • "Call Me, Beep Me! The Kim Possible Song"
    • Written and Produced by
      • Cory Lerios
      • George Gabriel
    • Performed by
      • Christina Milian


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Drakken’s latest stolen invention causes him, Shego, Kim, Ron, and Rufus to be sucked into the world of cable TV.

Mission Briefing

Episode Description


Running Gags

Middleton High School readerboard

Memorable Quotes

Scientist: "No! in the wrong hands, this device could open a black hole the size of Nevada!"

Kim and Ron: "The Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer?"

Scientist: "How did you know?"

Kim: "Last year."

Ron: "Professor Dementor."

Kim: "Las Vegas."

Ron: "Almost went black hole."

Kim and Ron: "Saved the world!"

Scientist: "Well, it's been stolen...again."

Ron: "Aww, man! A rerun!"

Kim: "Too much TV, Ron. Real life, here?"

Shego: Could this be any easier?

Kim: Ughh, I don't think so...

Puppet Pals: (Singing) "Lalalalalalalalalalala..."

Shego: (Embarrassed and mad) "This is sooo worse than moopy."

Puppet Pal: (To Drakken and Shego) "Today's color is green. Do you see anything green?"

Shego: "Yeah, I got your green, felt face." (Shego's hands glow)

Drakken: (scared) "Shego, you're going to anger Mr. Sitdown!" (Shuts his eyes)

Shego: (Shego's glowing hands stop and she looks up) "What? (Mr. Sitdown sits on them) Oh..."

Chef Lady: "We are going to cook a fantabulous meal today using our secret ingredient: (Takes off the pot lid to show Rufus as the secret ingredient) Naked Mole Rat."

Rufus: "(Screams) AHHH!!!!" (Jumps up and out of the pot and Ron grabs him)

Chef Lady: "So, is this a family recipe?"

Drakken: (Happily) "Yes! Eh, back home we like to fry 'em up good!"

Drakken: (Annoyed) Ah, put a ham in it, you little (pops balloon) jabber mittens.

Puppet Pal: (All puppet pals freeze with akward faces) (Puppet pal points at Drakken) You're a meanie.

Drakken: Am I? (Angrily) Well get used to it!

Puppet Pal: And you know who visits meanies.

All Puppet Pals: Mr. Sitdown!

Drakken: Mr. Who-down? (Mr. Sitdown about to sit on Drakken) Oh, snap! (Mr. Sitdown sits on him) (puppet pals laugh) (static channel change)

Production Information


  • Drakken's hair falls out but then his hair grows back in 2 seconds.
  • Ron lost his pants before he entered the portal. But when he came out from the banana cabin, his pants are on.
  • Kim says the events of Ron the Man happened "last year", but that episode was in the first season.
    • Because the 1st and 2nd season is their sophomore year… in the series they started with their sophomore year.
  • In this episode, the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer is red and yellow, but in Ron the Man, it was grey.
  • In the Hospital scene, Kim's midriff goes from skin-colored, to the same color as her hospital scrubs, and back to skin colored.
  • The "Scamper & Bitey" words was where "Scamper" was blue and "Bitey" was orange when Ron was watching the show on his TV, but in the cable vortex "Scamper" was orange and "Bitey" was blue.
  • While Kim was wearing her red Space Passage Star Trek parody shirt, the stripes on her sleeves were yellow but when Kim briefly answers "Yes" in answer to Commander Caine's question of "Lost Ensign?" the stripes were black.


  • The Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer was stolen before in "Ron the Man".
  • The Fearless Ferret makes an appearance in this episode in the form of the old TV show.


  • Shego and Kim appear in a hospital-based comedy which may be an allusion to Scrubs.
  • 'Evil Eye for the Bad Guy is an allusion and parody of the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, complete with the theme song.
  • Pals is an allusion to Friends.
  • The Adventures of Scamper and Bitey is an allusion tof Tom and Jerry.
  • The "Fearless Ferret" opening title which Ron and Drakken find themselves stuck in is an allusion to the opening title sequence of the 1960s live-action Batman series.
  • The scene with Kim in space makes several allusions to Star Trek.
    • She was wearing a red shirt, in which the red-shirted characters in both series would usually die in the episode
    • The Space Commander calls Kim "ensign", in which most Star Trek red-shirts were ensigns.
  • Drakken was trapped on Puppet Pals, which may be an allusion to the PBS Kids show Teletubbies.
  • There was a game show allusion to Hollywood Squares, which is a tic-tac-toe question game show.
  • A host says: "You’ve been voted out of the igloo". This scene was an allusion to the hit reality program Survivor, in which people are voted out of the location they are at.
  • That 1670s Show is an allusion to That 70s Show.
  • Kim and Drakken appear in a fight scene which may be an allusion to Alias.
  • Kim and Shego appear in an allusion to Fear Factor.


External Links

#307: "So the Drama, Part 3"
Mission Next:
#309a: "Overdue"

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