In the hopes of creating an evil mutant army, Dr. Drakken combined forces with noted biogeneticist DNAmy. Their attempt was a bit too successful, in that the resulting "dino-thing" escaped from Amy's lab and went on a rampage.

Physical Appearance

The "dino-thing" appeared to be a composite of several dinosaurs. Its body was dark blue with blue-black striped markings on its back, tail, forelimbs, and legs. It had dark green spikes along the back of its long neck, bright green eyes, elongated canine teeth, whiskers on its snout, and black claws.


Drakken, Shego, and Amy Hall stole a genomic sequencer, along with the genetic template of a "nasty"-tempered creature, for Amy to recombine. The result was a huge, dinosaur-like creature. The villains immediately lost control as the beast escaped Amy's lab and began to wreak havoc.

The creature made its way to Middleton, searching for food. It was drawn by the food-shaped signs of restaurants such as Bueno Nacho, though finding them inedible only enraged the beast further. Ron, Monique, and Rufus temporarily distracted the creature by launching doughnuts at it with machinery from a local doughnut shop. It was Kim and Justine Flanner who finally stopped the beast via their science project, a kinematic continuum disruptor. The device tore open a portal in the space-time continuum, which sent the creature to an unknown location.

However, at school the following day, Mr. Barkin refused to believe their claims that the device worked and activated it. This reopened the portal and released the creature once again. Presumably, Kim and company once again worked together to send it back through the portal.



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Season 2
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202 23 Partners


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