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Dog-Lobsters are mutant cuddle buddies that are mixed between dogs and lobsters. It may seem cute, but
Dog Lobster
dangerous. This creature has the body and head of a dog and six lobster legs and lobster claws and a lobster tail. Mr. Barkin and Ron saw a dog coming out of the trees and it shows the dog is a Dog-Lobster and the Rabbit-Rhino scares the Dog-Lobster, until DNAmy arrived with her Dog-Lobster and was a shamed that her Rabbit-Rhinoceros ran away. It shows DNAmy feeds her Dog-Lobster with dog food. The Dog-Lobster's current wearabouts are unknown.

Physical Appearance

It is a small animal with the head and body of a dog and the claws, legs, and tail of a lobster.


  • The term Lobsterrier has been sweeping a corner of fanon.
  • The Dog-Lobster's tail is shown to be red. However, an accidental error shows its tail turned brown (picture above).
  • The Dog-Lobster appears in the Disney Channel computer game, Rufus Snow Ride.

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