Global Gemini was the final Kim Possible video game to be released. Both Kim and Ron are playable in the game and it makes use of the same art style as was used in What's the Switch? as well as borrowing some concepts, but was not voiced over.


Sheldon "Gemini" Director has kidnapped his twin sister and arch-nemesis, Doctor Betty Director of Global Justice. The heroic organization thus calls in Team Possible to deal with Gemini and rescue their leader. During the course of the game, Kim and Ron encounter Adrena Lynn and Motor Ed, who have been recruited by Gemini and broken out of jail as support for his plans. With Gemini also attempting to brainwash Global Justice agents in their stations across the world, Kim and Ron find themselves in a race to stop the fall of Global Justice, but succeeded in foiling his evil scheme before the organization was permanently damaged.


The game follows the same format as the previous games as a 3D side-scroller in which the player navigates Kim, Ron, or Rufus through different levels. Kim is extremely athletic and uses her natural physical talents while Ron is more gadget dependent. Rufus is also playable.

Collectibles in the game include Kimmunicator tokens, like in What's the Switch?, but health tokens have been replaced with assorted items.

Dialogue is presented with cut-out images from the actual series representing the characters with a dialogue box holding the actual dialogue, similar to the other handheld games.

The game also shows a return of alternate outfits, introduced to the Kim Possible games by its first Nintendo DS hit, Kimmunicator.


This game is the third appearance of Adrena Lynn and the fourth for Gemini. The first for both were their respective episodes, the second being their season four cameos in Grande Size Me and Graduation, respectively. Gemini's third appearance was in the second Game Boy Advance game, Kim Possible 2: Drakken's Demise.


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