Go Tower
Location: Go City
First Appearance: Go Team Go
Go Tower is the HQ of Team Go[1].


It is situated on an island in Go Bay and shaped to look like tall giant letters: G O.


Its main entrance will only open if someone with a power of Team Go touches a lock-panel which apparently detects these color-coded powers[1].

  • Hego is blue.
    • Kim Possible wielded the blue power for a while[1].
  • Mego is purple.
  • The Wego Twins are Red.
  • Shego is Green.

One of the main chambers features a computer and equipment panel with a large wide-screen which also facilitates two-way communications which anyone with the appropriate codes can access and activate from outside. Which was an exploitable hole in their security which went unrealized until pointed out by Kim Possible. Shego seemed to have been aware of it as well, although why she never mentioned it to Hego is unclear.

There is also a round conference table with embedded controls, a holographic projector, and color-coded chairs for each member of Team Go. Apparently they do not normally expect or entertain guests as no extra seating or place settings are provided for.

An apparent aspect of their standard "GO Operations" procedures is for one of the Team to be On Call at the Tower at all times. A duty which seems to often fall to Hego to perform, such as when he stayed behind while his brothers were on vacation[2]. The On Call duty may be set and followed by strict schedule, which would explain why the Tower was unattended while Hego was unable to access it without his powers[1].

The Go Plane lands and is hangared near the base[3] of the Tower. It is lifted by an elevator to the roof where an extending ledge forms an expanded runway to facilitate launch[1].

Another piece of known GO equipment is the GO Car, a small flight-capable utility craft apparently for short distance travel with limited seating yet ample space in the rear apparently for cargo. Such as Ron in an anti-matter-proof force field bubble[2]. It is unknown how many GO Cars there are, although it is reasonable to expect at least one per Team member. Also reasonable is for the Wego twins to tend to share one most of the time.



  • In respects to being a building resembling letters on an island in a bay, arguably it can be said the GO Tower reassembles the T-shaped Titans Tower from the DC Comics Teen Titans comic book, and later the Cartoon Network TV show.


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