Golden Banana
Owner/User(s): Monkey Fist
Monkey Ninjas
First Appearance: "Monkey Ninjas in Space"

The Golden Banana was an artifact with the souls of a monk and his monkey companion bound within it.[1]


According to a prophecy, once a team of Monkey Ninjas stood ready, and the Golden Banana had been returned to its stand, the Ultimate Monkey Master would receive a sign. When placed upon its stand, the Golden Banana would tremble and peel itself. The bound souls within would then appear and converse with those before it. Once done speaking, the souls would vanish, and the Golden Banana would return to its whole state until it was used again.[1]



Monkey Fist, having successfully trained a group of Monkey Ninjas who he finally deemed ready, placed the Golden Banana on its stand. The soul of the monk within commanded him to seek out the brightest monkey and follow him to the stars, because there the Ultimate Monkey Master would be unstoppable. When the attempt went badly and Monkey Fist was captured, the Monkey Ninjas used the Golden Banana a second time. The monk appeared and admitted he had made a mistake. His true prophecy was that the Ultimate Monkey Master would not be unstoppable, but Ron Stoppable.[1]



Behind the Scenes

Episode Appearances

Season 1
US Broadcast
114 14 Monkey Ninjas in Space


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