Hello, Hello, Hello
Song by Oh Boyz (group)
Released: 2004
Length: 00:36
Current: Hello, Hello, Hello
Kim Possible Oh Boyz-Hello Hello Hello00:36

Kim Possible Oh Boyz-Hello Hello Hello

"Hello, Hello, Hello" is a song performed by the in-world fictional boy-band the Oh Boyz (group).

The song appears to be a parody of the song Bye, Bye, Bye[1] by the boy-band *NSYNC.

It first appears in the episode Oh Boyz, and appears later on in Season 3.

Episodes with the song

The song is introduced as being performed by the Oh Boyz, and one of their big hits, in this episode.

Drakken performs the song at Karaoke night.


I'm going through a tunnel

Stuck in a canyon

In an elevator

Do you even listen?

No, no no no

No, no no-----

Hello, hello, hello

Can you hear me now?

Or am I losing you?

Got to reconnect somehow

'Cause I can't hear you

Hello, hello, hello

Hello --


  1. Lundin, K. *NYSNC. 2000. Bye, Bye, Bye.

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