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This article documents Kim Possible's wardrobe.

Original Mission Outfit

Kim has worn this mission outfit for almost every episode up until Clothes Minded when her mission outfit gets destroyed as well as discontinued. After that for the rest of the series she wears her new mission outfit.

New Mission Outfit

The new outfit was first seen and created in Clothes Minded by Monique with the help of Rufus.This outfit was made after Kim's old outfit is ruined and discontinued.

Due to broadcast order not following production order, several episoeds with her old outfit appeared after the change.

Casual Outfits

Green Crop Top with Blue Capri Pants

Basic Outfit
  Kim GCBC Front Kim GCBC Back
Kim GCBC Right Kim GCBC Right Front Kim GCBC Right Back
Kim GCBC Left Kim GCBC Left Front
With Backpack
Kim GCBC w Backpack

Season 1

Kim outfits

Outfits worn by Kim Possible in season 1

Bueno Nacho

  • Clothes in Kim's closet


  • Scuba outfit
  • Cheerleading outfit

Monkey Fist Strikes

  • Mission outfit with helmet and safety straps.
  • Dark blue top with green heart and light empurpled pants
  • Mission outfit with ponytail

Attack of the Killer Bebes

Black Shirt With Pants with Belt Down

The New Ron

Green tank top with blue pants

Mind Games

N/A pre-transition

As Ron:

  • Ron's mission outfit
  • Ron's usual outfit

Royal Pain

  • White jacket and goggles
  • Mission outfit with her new hairstyle

The Twin Factor

  • Spectrometer sunglasses
  • Shego outfit

Animal Attraction

  • Mission outfit and life jacket

All the News

  • Mission outfit and jetpack

Sink or Swim

N/A (Kim is featured in her cheerleading outfit for the entire duration of the episode)

Number One

  • New cheerleading outfit


  • Mission outfit and skates

Monkey Ninjas in Space

  • Little Rocket Boosters outfit
  • Astronautical outfit

Low Budget

  • Large seal shirt
  • Smarty Mart blue pants
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • green tank top


N/A (Kim is featured in her winter apparel for the entire duration of the episode)

Coach Possible

  • Soccer coaching uniform
  • Mission outfit and green goggles

Pain King vs. Cleopatra

  • Pink top and green pants

Kimitation Nation

  • Mission outfit and goggles

Ron the Man


October 31st

  • Centurion Project
  • Cowboy costume
  • Princess costume
  • Main clothes

Season 2

Kim outfits2

Outfits shown in season 2

The Ron Factor

  • Blue sweater and black pants
  • White top with pink heart and pink pants
  • Children's helmet and skateboard


  • Blue top and blue pants

Grudge Match

mission clothes


  • While not Kim's Personal clothing, her in-game avatar as a Spritekin wore:
    • Two-piece green-leaf outfit with lace-up sandals

Two to Tutor

  • Red uniform
  • Hair net

Naked Genius

  • Yellow and blue star t-shirt and blue sweatpants

Rufus in Show

  • Stealth suit

Adventures in Rufus-Sitting

  • Old Mission outfit

Motor Ed

  • Old Mission outfit
  • Borrowed Safety Helmet
  • School gym uniform

The Fearless Ferret

  • Sunshine Spreaders outfit

Pale yellow shirt and blue pants

The Golden Years

  • Nana's sweater
  • Purple outfit with skates
  • Mission outfit and goggles

Job Unfair

Cheerleading outfit

Queen Bebe

  • Red shoes
  • Purple dress

Car Trouble


Go Team Go


A Very Possible Christmas

  • Red sweater and red pants
  • Scrapbook outfits

Mother's Day

  • Surgical wear

Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles

  • Mission outfit and helmet, knee pads and skateboard

Day of the Snowmen

  • Mixed outfit


  • Black outfit
  • Mission outfit and helmet and that thing she rides (name?)


  • Chrono-manipulator
  • Green outfit and pigtails
  • Purple outfit, braces and hairstyle (encore of Royal Pain)


  • Shego outfit
  • Armored mission outfit

Hidden Talent

  • Thermal imaging sunglasses
  • Ring
  • Angel costume

Return to Wannaweep

  • Towel and bathrobe


  • Astronautical suit
  • Blue dress
  • Brown jacket

The Full Monkey

  • Blue top and blue pants
  • Nana's dress (not actually worn)
  • Mystical monkey amulet



Oh Boyz


Triple S


Ron Millionaire

Showdown at the Crooked D

  • Ten-gallon hat

Rewriting History

  • Miriam Possible's outfit
  • "The mysterious masked warrior" garb

Sick Day

  • Yellow top with blue star and trim; blue sweatpants
  • Old Mission Outfit
  • Purple Tee with green heart; blue sweatpants

The Truth Hurts

  • Yellow top with blue star and trim; blue sweatpants
  • Two-tone red fleece winter jacket; maroon pants; ice skates
  • Cheer outfit
  • Green top; blue Capris

Season 3

Kim outfits3

Clothes shown in seasons 2 and 3

Steal Wheels

  • Pink top and white pants
  • Purple game outfit

Emotion Sickness

  • Red top, white pants and ponytail
  • Black dress


  • Blue top / brown pants

Bad Boy

  • Yellow and blue snow outfit
  • Blue Dress
  • Sheela costume

So the Drama

  • Old Mission outfit
  • Wetsuit with scuba-gear
  • Purple gown with black Cleopatra wig
  • Two-tone Blue shirt, brown pants
  • Large inaesthetic dress[citation needed]
  • Photographic outfit[citation needed]
  • Battlesuit
  • Hyacinth Blue sequined Prom gown

Dimension Twist

  • Dark Seafoam short-sleeve top with brown slacks
  • Old Mission outfit
    • While not Kim's personal clothing, while "dimension"-hopping her outfit morphed into:
      1. Red Shirt with black slacks "space fleet" uniform
      2. Tan Parka with brown pants
      3. Seafoam nurse's scrubs




  • Orange and white shirt and brown pants

And the Molerat Will Be CGI

  • Pair of guava capris

Rappin' Drakken

  • Blue shirt with white USA letters and red pants, gothic

Gorilla Fist


Team Impossible


Lilo and Stitch: Rufus

  • Old Mission outfit
  • Hula outfit

Season 4


The Big Job

  • Light-blue hoodie and purple shorts with purple and gray shoes

Trading Faces

The Cupid Effect

Car Alarm

Mad Dogs and Aliens

Grande Size Me

Clothes Minded

  • Old Mission Outfit
    • Kim's last set gets ruined and found out it was discontinued in stores.
  • New Mission outfit
    • Which was finally settled upon after three failed attempts:
      1.  Space Suit/Armor with:
        • Astro-Blasto Technology
        • Artificial Intelligence system
        • Environmentally self-contained/Hermetically-sealed
        • Heads-Up Display (HUD) Kimmunicator
        • Deployable rocket pack
      2. "Otaku-mecha armor" gear
      3. Experimental compound RF-78 "super bounce" purple goop
  • Battlesuit
    • Seen as glitching, and not worn

Big Brother

Fashion Victim

Odds Man In

Stop Team Go

Cap'n Drakken

  • 18th century maiden clothing
  • Pirate outfit

Mathter and Fervant

The Mentor Of Our Discontent

Oh No! Yono

Clean Slate

Homecoming Upset

Chasing Rufus

Nursery Crimes

Larry's Birthday

Graduation Part 1

New mission clothes

Graduation clothes

Graduation Part 2

Graduation clothes

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