Kim Possible 3: Team Possible is the third Kim Possible game to be released for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance.


Switching between Kim and Ron the player completes a series of missions against multiple villains. Each character has a different set of skills and equipment, allowing them to overcome certain puzzles and obstacles. The player goes through a series of levels defeating villains, collecting items and facing off with the main villains of the game.


Part 1

The game opens with Kim and her Dad returning Nana Possible to her home after an incident with Duff Killigan interfered with their vacation. Nana Possible discovers that her family photo album has gone missing while they were away.

Meanwhile, Dr. Drakken dictates his latest plan to a less than impressed Shego. He tells her that he has devised a brain-control device that currently only works on Monkeys. Shego jokes that now he can finally make some friends.

Kim meets Ron at Bueno Nacho and tells him the news. Wade calls up and says that he found traces of Monkey Hair in the data Kim provided him which could lead to her Nana's photo album. While Wade searches for Monkey Fist's location, Kim and Ron head off to Global Justice to find transportation and to receive some training. At Global Justice the player is familiarized with the game-play mechanics and each characters abilities.

Part 2

Part 3



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