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Kim Possible is a teenager who has a sidekick/best friend/boyfriend Ron Stoppable. Together they save the world — even on school nights. Also helping them is Rufus, Ron's naked mole rat; Wade,a 10 year-old super genius who creates gadgets for Kim and runs her website; and Monique, who helps on occasion when Ron is away.

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Call Me, Beep Me is the Kim Possible theme song. The U.S. soundtrack features three versions and official soundtracks have been released in Japan and Europe, with the French version featuring completely different lyrics. At least three other musical groups have also recorded versions of the song.

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Random Content

Random Character
Kim Possible was your average teenager with a very abnormal hobby. As the captain of the Middleton High School cheerleaders she had normal teen problems, but in her spare time she traveled the world with her best friend/boyfriend Ron Stoppable fighting crime and helping people as the titular member of Team Possible.
Random Episode
When Team Possible received a request to help Professor Acari with a theft, they encountered the mad-scientist, Dr. Drakken, and his enforcer, Shego, for the first time. Unfortunately, for Kim the device they were after, a robotic tick fitted with a nano-explosive, was stuck to her nose, and Dr. Drakken wanted it back.
Random Location
Middleton High School, the home of the Middleton Mad Dogs, is Located in Middleton. This high school was best known for their award winning Middleton High School cheerleaders or because it was the alma mater of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, charter members of the world renowned Team Possible.
Random Paraphernalia
Professor Acari created the Roflax to promote healthy growth in exoskeletons. However, Chester Yapsby, former assistant of Professor Acari, stole the Roflax and traveled to Middleton. Once there, he modified the Roflax to promote abnormal growth in cockroaches and formed an army.


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