Kim Possible soundtrack cover

The Kim Possible soundtrack includes songs "from and inspired by the hit TV series". It was originally released in 2003, it was re-released in 2005 as a "new and Kim-proved" version to feature songs that were heard in So the Drama.

Track listing

  2003 release 2005 release
1 CALL ME, BEEP ME! (The KIM POSSIBLE Song) – Christina Milian same
2 It's Just You – LMNT same
3 I'm Ready – Angela Michael same
4 Get Up on Ya Feet – Aaron Carter same
5 Celebration – Jump5 Say the WordKim Possible (Christy Carlson Romano)
6 Say the WordKim Possible (Christy Carlson Romano) Celebration – Jump5
7 Summertime Guys – Nikki Cleary Could It BeChristy Carlson Romano *
8 This Year – A*TEENS Summertime Guys – Nikki Cleary
9 Work It Out – Brassy E is for Everybody – Cooler Kids
10 E is for Everybody – Cooler Kids The Naked Mole RapRon Stoppable and Rufus
11 Come On, Come On – Smash Mouth same
12 The Naked Mole RapRon Stoppable and Rufus Rappin' DrakkenDr. Drakken
13 CALL ME, BEEP ME! (Tony Phillips Remix) – Christina Milian same
14   Bonus track: CALL ME, BEEP ME! (Movie Mix) – Angela Michael *
* featured in So the Drama

Purchasing options

2003 release

2005 release

2006 French version

The French version of the soundtrack includes eight English songs (tracks 2, 4, 5, 7, 10 and 13 from the 2003 release, plus Get Your Shine On by Jesse McCartney and Wake Up by Hilary Duff), French versions of Say the Word and Naked Mole Rap, a few other songs in French, and Mission Kim Possible by Priscilla.

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