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The Lotus Blade
Owner/User(s): Toshimiru
Ron Stoppable
First Appearance: "Exchange"

The Lotus Blade is a mystical sword guarded by the Yamanouchi Ninja School.


Supposedly, only a person or animal exposed to Mystical Monkey Power could unleash the power of the Lotus Blade. However, very few handled the blade at all, so how true this idea was remains unknown.

The Lotus Blade was best known for its ability to transform into virtually any object the wielder chose. Initially, the transformations were limited to traditional weapons, but in Ron Stoppable's hands it briefly became a telephone. In addition, he was able to retrieve the blade from a deep chasm merely by calling to it aloud, a unique skill which Master Sensei attributed to Ron's pure heart.



  • Toshimiru, the original master of Monkey Kung-Fu, carved a monastery out of Mount Yamanouchi using only the Lotus Blade, and founded the Yamanouchi Ninja School there.
  • Monkey Fist stole the Lotus Blade from the Yamanouchi Ninja School with the help of rogue student Fukushima. Ron Stoppable, Rufus, and Yori briefly recovered the blade, but lost it during the battle that followed. Ron was able to retrieve the blade, and returned it to the school.



Behind the Scenes

Episode Appearances

Season 2
US Broadcast
225 32 Exchange


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