Middleton Motor Lodge

The Middleton Motor Lodge is a lodge located somewhere in Middleton .

In the episode,"Attack of the Killer Bebes", this is where James Possible and his college friends were to have their college reunion.

It is also the location that Dr. Possible, Kim Possible, and Ron Stoppable found out that Dr. Drakken is Dr. Possible's college friend, Drew Lipsky, who they laughed at, until he dropped out of college.

It is also where Dr. Drakken found out that his college mate, Dr. James Timothy Possible, is the father to his arch-foe, Kimberly Ann Possible.

In the episode, "The Full Monkey", it is also a hotel, where Monkey Fist and his Monkey Ninjas stay at.

It does not contain a dojo, but it does contain a gym and spa. The rooms are either single or double. The hotel uses electronic key cards. There is large room for meetings with a stage. They have valet parking. Pets are not allowed.

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