Monkey Kung-Fu –or simply "Monkey"– and also known as Tai Shing Pek Kwar, which is a specific style of Kung Fu which both Toshimiru and Monkey Fist were masters of.

Tai Sheng Pek Kwar is a non-physical "school" of martial arts which actually teaches two distinct and otherwise unrelated kung fu styles: that of Pek Kwar, or "Axe-Hand", and Tai Shing, "Monkey"; literally: "Monkey Fist"[1].

Monkey is presumably one of the styles of martial arts which the Yamanouchi Ninja School teaches to enhance the art of ninjitsu –the Way of the Ninja– apparently along with Mantis Style.

For one who has been exposed to Mystical Monkey Power, they are apparently imbued with an innate knowledge of Monkey Kung-Fu without the need to have formally learned it, although they do have to tap into their own Mystical Monkey Power to do so, which is probably not easy. However such an infusion is still not a replacement for formal training, as Ron Stoppable was only able to fend off Lord Fiske for just a couple minutes before being pinned to the ground.

The following have all been seen using Monkey Kung-Fu:

  • Monkey Fist, who was a master of it, even before he got his own Mystical Monkey Power
  • Rufus, who was in Ron Stoppable's pocket, and got imbued with his own Mystical Monkey Power at the time. He is rarely seen actually fighting with it.
  • Ron Stoppable, who also has Mystical Monkey Power, but has little control or knowledge how to tap into it. He has been seen tapping into the Monkey Kung-Fu ability of his Mystical Monkey Power on a few separate occasions:
    • Monkey Fist Strikes
    • Exchange
    • Maybe in So the Drama: In this episode, there are 2 possibilities:
      • When he accidentally knocked out the Sumo Ninja, with just an elbow jab behind him, followed immediately, by an upward-backward punch behind him, when he was energetically, watching Kim and Shego's battle. He was not even aware that he must have been hitting anything or anyone, until his fist had knocked out the sumo ninja, just before the sumo ninja fell unconscious.
      • He also engaged Eric the synthodrone in battle. He ducked down, performed a backflip, which made Eric's head face backward. If this move was used on a human, it would have been instantly fatal.
    • Big Bother
    • Possibly in A Sitch in Time (Future), when he is able to defeat the mutated Drakken, even when Kim and future Monique are unable to. Also when he knocks down multiple statues to destroy the Tempus Simia.
    • Stop Team Go
    • Graduation, Part 2: Ron's most notable instance: when Kim was down and at the mercy of Warhok and Warmonga, Sensei contacted Ron through Astral Projection and told him to summon the Mystical Monkey Power to defeat the villains and it was his destiny. Ron tapped into his power and easily beat the villains who were too strong for Kim and Shego together.


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