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Drakken's Henchmen with Shock-Rods

Power staves were the standard implements used by Dr. Drakken's henchmen, and sometimes by Professor Dementor's henchmen

Uses and abilities

Only used by the henchmen of Drakken and Dementor, they could electrocute enemies quickly. On some occasions, Kim disarmed a henchman of his staff and briefly used it in battle. An unknown member of the Kim Squad given to Kim by Ron also stole one to battle against a henchman. Kim's cousin, Larry, had used one as well.

The powered staves may hold electricity within them. However, they are not strong enough to incapacitate an enemy, as seen when Kim once blocked an attack by it, or when Johnson, a member of the Kim Squad, made a block against it as well. The ones used by Dementor's henchmen are shown to be more stronger, as shown when Larry easily defeated Kim with one on his birthday.


  • Drakken's Henchmen
  • Dementor's Henchmen
  • Kim Possible (briefly)
  • An unknown member of the Kim Squad.
  • Cousin Larry (briefly)


  • It is possible that the power staves are only powerful only by the person who uses them. Standard henchmen cannot harm people with them strong enough, but when used by Kim or Larry, they can be lethal.

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