Rabbit-Rhinos are mutant cuddle buddies that are mixed of rabbits and rhinos. DNAmy has created a gigantic rabbit
Rabbiy Rhino
with a rhino head and rabbit whiskers, ears, and teeth. A male was seen in Downhill where it served as DNAmy's pet and minion.

It captured Ron, Mr. Barkin, and Rufus. Kim sees the Rabbit-Rhino's footprints. She made it to DNAmy's lair, but she was attacked by a Snake-Cat. It started constricting her like an anoconda, but the 2 fell and the Snake-Cat is knocked out. Kim throws 2 cuddle buddies at the Pig-Man and Bird-Man. Mr. Barkin and Rufus were mutated and they become Naked Mole Man. The Rabbit-Rhino grabs Kim in his terrible paws. Kim sees the creator of cuddle buddies cuddiling with Naked Mole Man. Kim had an idea to trick the Rabbit-Rhino. She told the Rabbit-Rhino (which was called Snowy by Kim) doesn't care about him and told him he was another collectable to her. The Rabbit-Rhino becomes jealous and angry and fights Naked Mole Man.

Naked Mole Man kicks the Rabbit-Rhino and he falls right on the Pig-Man and Bird-Man. Rufus and Mr. Barkin were both back to normal, but Rufus was wearing Mr. Barkin's clothws and Mr. Barkin... well... he was naked and tells Ron that he needs pants. Kim and Ron become shocked that Barkin is wearing nothing. DNAmy's lair exploded and the Rabbit-Rhino was believed to be killed in the explosion. However, it is most likely that he survived, like DNAmy, who actually survived the explosion. Kim and the others have escaped and DNAmy was sent to jail.

Physical Appearance

It is a large gray rabbit that has two rhino horns on its snout.


  • The term Rabbinoceros has been sweeping a corner of fanon.
  • The Rabbit-Rhino appears in the Disney Channel computer game, Rufus Snow Ride as an enemy. It's fur is shown to be blue and white, instead of gray.

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