Ron's Freefall is a game from the webring. Just as Kim and Ron are parachuting out of a plane after a mission, Ron is ambushed by Dr. Drakken and Shego in their hovercraft, and loses all of his homework in the air. Players must help Ron collect the pages of his homework, all while avoiding various obstacles.


Players guide Ron and Rufus around the screen as they gradually fall. The object of the game is to proceed through levels by grabbing as much homework in Ron's net as possible, and avoiding any obstacles, such as thunderclouds, plasma blasts, and robot vultures. Ron starts the game with his parachute, but can switch to his chopper pack, which allows him to travel up. Touching a harmful obstacle instantly sends Ron into freefall and separates him from Rufus, who Ron must recover with his net before a ten second countdown ends. At the end of each level, Kim swings in to remind the duo to hurry. The game ends when Ron either takes too much damage and is captured, or survives all four levels and lands at school with Kim.