Owner/User(s): Dr. Freeman
Kim Possible
First Appearance: "Car Trouble"

The Systemized Automotive Driving Intelligence, or SADI, is a self-driving car invented by Dr. Freeman. Aside from its guidance system, SADI is equipped with a range of stealth features and weapons, making the car a formidable opponent in battle.


SADI is a convertible sport utility vehicle, and its more obvious features include an automated guidance system, enhanced off-road performance, scratch-proof paint, ejector seats, and two king-size drink holders. As with many of Dr. Freeman's creations, SADI's artificial intelligence includes a distinctive, sassy personality.

SADI's stealth package includes the ability to entirely alter its appearance, through both camouflage technology and actual transformation. It also has a separate beam capable of camouflaging other objects. SADI has internet access and is able to locate specific people through an unnamed identification system.

Offensively, SADI is equipped with a disintegrator ray and rocket launchers hidden in the trunk. Its frame is durable enough where it can repeatedly crash through walls or into other solid objects at very high speeds, without suffering any visible damage. Additionally, SADI has turbo boosters to drastically increase its speed and ramming power.



  • Dr. Drakken kidnapped Dr. Freeman and tricked him into improving the intelligence of Drakken's Destructo-bots. SADI contacted Kim Possible and asked her to rescue Dr. Freeman. While Wade searched for Drakken's lair, SADI gave Team Possible rides and helped Kim in her driver's ed class. They eventually found Dr. Freeman, who by then had perfected Drakken's robot army, which was immediately used against them. Team Possible and SADI defeated the army, and saved Dr. Freeman.



Behind the Scenes

Episode Appearances

Season 2
US Broadcast
213 33 Car Trouble


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