Kim Possible ~ Say the Word02:49

Kim Possible ~ Say the Word

Kim Possible Say The Word (episode version)00:57

Kim Possible Say The Word (episode version)

"Say The Word" is a song, which was written by Ron Stoppable, with the help of Rufus.

Ron and Rufus wrote the song for Kim Possible to sing in the school's talent show in the episode Hidden Talent .

Although Ron actually won the talent show, for all of the different talents which he performed, while he was buying time for Kim, who was in one of Dr. Drakken's death traps at the time, Kim finally arrived in time to sing Say The Word.

Kim was also able to successfully hit the high notes in the song, which before gave her problems. She was able to hit the high notes because she required hitting the high notes in order to escape from the death trap, in order to break the ice.

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