Snake-Cats are mutant cuddle buddies that are mixed of cats and snakes. These creatures have long bodies of
Snake Cat
snakes, huge long ones like pythons and anacondas, with the head of a cat and it shows the snake body has scales and so does the cat head, but it has whiskers and a snake's forked tongue. This was seen while Kim Possible was in DNAmy's lair and the Snake-Cat hissed at and attacked Kim. The Snake-Cat wrapped Kim in its coils, showing it to be a constrictor, to suffocate her, but Kim and the Snake-Cat both fell into the shelf of cuddle buddies and the Snake-Cat was knocked out from the fall. It is probable that it survived the explosion, like DNAmy survived the explosion without any injuries.

Physical Appearance

It is a yellow half mammal and half reptile with a long body of a snake and the head of a cat.


  • The term Cataconda has been sweeping a corner of fanon.
  • The Cat-Snake also appeared in the Disney Channel online game, Rufus Snow Ride.

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