The Amulet of the Monkey King
Owner/User(s): Kim Possible
First Appearance: "The Full Monkey"

The Amulet of the Monkey King was an artifact sought by Monkey Fist for its mystical monkey properties.


Although Monkey Fist claimed that the Amulet of the Monkey King turned the wearer into the so-called Monkey King, the actual transformation seemed to simply turn the wearer into a monkey, something he still desired for himself. If the transformation was not undone within 24 hours, the wearer would become a monkey permanently.



The amulet accidentally landed around Kim Possible's neck while she prevented Monkey Fist from stealing it. As a result, the amulet bonded with her, and its design appeared on her neck as if it were a tattoo. The following day, she began rapidly developing monkey features, starting with fur on her face, then monkey hands, teeth, and feet, until she had basically become a talking, human-sized monkey. Monkey Fist threatened Kim by stating there was an alternate, "very painful way" to separate her from the amulet so that he could still obtain its power, but Kim escaped before the details could be revealed. Wade was able to undo the transformation just before it could become permanent, separating the amulet from Kim in the process.[1]



Behind the Scenes

Episode Appearances

Season 2
US Broadcast
244 42 The Full Monkey


  1. The Full Monkey

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