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The Silver Cutlass

The Silver Cutlass was a pirate sword wielded by Blackeye Brown in 1725.


The Silver Cutlass was a magical cutlass. It could emit a blue light from the blade. The hilt was shaped like a serpent, and the guard was shaped like a bat with its wings spread out.


The Silver Cutlass belonged to the pirate, Blackeye Brown. It was said that after he was defeated, his sword was claimed. However, recently Dr. Drakken was possessed by the spirit of Blackeye Brown, and who then reclaimed the sword. After Brown's spirit was lost with his treasure, the sword was lost as well in the bottom of the sea.

Powers and Abilities

The Silver Cutlass possesses the ability to summon an ancient Pirate Ship and its crew, the wielder being able to command the Crew. It is not a physically strong sword, as it can be taken and can be countered with another normal sword. It can, however, send strong blasts at its enemies.


  • Blackeye Brown
  • Dr. Drakken (possessed by Blackeye Brown)
  • Shego (temporarily, twice)
  • Polly the Parrot (briefly)


  • This is the second magical sword in the series, the first being the Lotus Blade.
  • Drakken is the only one who has used it properly and was able to take on Kim Possible with it.
  • The Silver Cutlass has similar traits to the swords of Kamen Rider Knight and Kamen Rider Ouja from Kamen Rider Ryuki, as both had bat-themed and snake-themed swords.

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