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    Voice Actors

    February 14, 2014 by Erased Paper

    A list of all the voice actors that appeared in the show (songs excluded). I'm still trying to identify all the character voices.

    Christy Carlson Romano
    Will Friedle
    Nancy Cartwright
    Tahj Mowry
    Gary Cole
    Jean Smart
    Shaun Fleming
    John DiMaggio
    Nicole Sullivan
    Patrick Warburton
    Kirsten Storms
    Dan Castellaneta
    Breckin Meyer
    Roz Ryan
    Tara Strong
    Lauren Tom
    Justin Berfield
    Corey Burton
    Nestor Carbonell
    Ricardo Montalban
    Rob Paulsen
    Carly Pope
    Kath Soucie
    Diedrich Bader
    Brad Garrett
    Maurice LaMarche
    Phil LaMarr
    Melissa McCarthy
    Jo Anne Worley
    Eddie Deezen
    Kevin Michael Richardson
    Brian George
    Felicity Huffman
    B.D. Wong
    Jeff Bennett
    Kerri Kenney
    Gedde Watanabe
    John O'Hurley
    Rider Strong
    Earl Boen
    Bill Barretta
    Bill Goldberg
    Andrew "Test" Martin
    Tom Kane
    Brian Posehn
    A.J. T…

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    McDonald's Commercial

    January 13, 2014 by Erased Paper

    Here are some screencaps of the "Kim Possible" McDonald's commercial, which aired in September 2003.

    There's some ghosting present in five of the images. I can't do much about that.

    I missed getting a McDonald's Guy reaction shot. He doesn't understand Rufus' squeaks. Kim says (not sure if it's exact) "He means one Happy Meal, please!"

    Not pictured:…

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    Steal Wheels Script

    October 30, 2013 by Erased Paper

    Note: This is the full text of an actual script draft. There's some missing formatting (like bold letters). All the text is verbatim, though. Some "

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    The Wiki

    October 14, 2013 by Erased Paper
    • I think that it is a mistake to limit the cast voices to named characters. There were many, many unnamed and incidental characters. John DiMaggio, for example, was the Booth guy in "Emotion Sickness". He was also Heinrich, Akut and Captain Louis. Those are just examples.
    • The end credits for season 1 are different in the International and the US broadcast versions. / The International credits listed the overseas animators. The US broadcast version did not. / In most (but, not all) episodes, the US version credits J. Lampinen for 'Digital Audio Transfer'. The International one did not. / Anna Boyadjian's credit is 'Production Accountant' in the International one. It was 'Production Control' in the US version. / The International credits had …
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