It's Spring now, only a few more months until the Kim Possible short film hits the internet.  Pre production has wrapped up and Production is underway!  The film is really going strong, and a great cast has been cast to play some of our favorite characters.  The producers at Finally Trying Productions are really really excited about this film and seeing some scenes we have written down come start to become fleshed out on camera is just incredible!  We can't wait for fellow Kim Possible fans to see this picture!  That being said, we have a little favor of anyone who checks in on this website from time to time.  Please, tell your friends!  Tell them to stop in on this site and check out our blog, or to visit our tumblr at  We are extremely excited about the release of this film and we want as many people, KP fans and non KP fans alike, to see this as possible.  So, again, please tell your friends and family to keep checking in!

Steph in prom dress

Stephanie Baur - playing Kim Possible in the upcoming Kim Possible short film.

That being said, as production has began, let us go ahead and give you a little 

bit of background on one of our cast members!  What better way to start off than introducting to you our main heroine herself, Kim Possible, who will be played by Stephanie Baur.  Stephanie Baur is Producer Austin Baur's sister, but w

e assure you, she was not cast out of convenience.  Steph loves to act, and has been in numerous plays and even some television and web commercials.  She also happens to look just like everyone's favorite female action hero.  She has helped out Austin on many of his other productions before, and appears in several videos on his personal YouTube channel.  Steph is a Junior in high school, and so fits right in with how old Kim Possible should be.  She's

been a tremendous help in the production thus far, and has o

ffered advice pertaining to pre production aspects as well.  She jumped straight into character after being cast and began watching old Kim Possible episodes to study gestures and inflection, and this studying led to some great ideas that were incorporated into the script.

Finally Trying Productions is extremely excited to have someone as talented as Stephanie Baur on set every day of production - it is only bonus points that she happens to look just like the crime fighting teenage super girl.  We hope you guys will enjoy watching her in the film as much as we love working with her on set.  Keep checking in for more updates, and don't be shy to comment!  As producer's we love to hear input from fans, whether it is praise or criticism.  Thanks again everyone!

Take Care,

Finally Trying Productions

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