Notable User Milestones

I just checked and we have recently had some of our users pass some milestones.

Love Robin

Love Robin joined the Kim Possible Wiki just a scant three months ago, which makes her recently passing the 750 edits milestone even all the more impressive.

If you have been active on the Kim Possible Wiki at all recently then you have seen the fruits of her labor. She has been active on numerous pages across nearly all areas of editing.

Go to her talk page and show your support for the effort that she has put into making this wiki as good as it has become.


Dl34 joined the Kim Possible Wiki just a short nine months ago and he just recently passed 500 edits.

They have made numerous contributions to the wiki in the areas of screencaps and gallery improvements.

Be sure to head over to their talk page and congratulate them on this milestone.


Dap00 joined the Kim Possible Wiki less than a month ago and he has recently passed the 100 edits milestone, in fact he is already well on his way to hitting 250 within a couple of weeks.

He has been doing an excellent job bringing articles into compliance with the Manual of Style's layout and has also been really focusing on getting the mystical monkey power related articles added and fleshed out. Although, he doesn't limit himself to any of these areas at all.

Make a little time to visit his talk page and tell him good job.

Lady Lostris

Lady Lostris joined the Kim Possible Wiki a little over a month ago and she passed the 100 edits milestone.

She has been very active making corrections to spelling and recommending helpful policy changes and procedures.

Mosey on over--okay, I am running out of ways to say this differently--to her talk page and let her know how much we appreciate the work.

Congratulations to all of you. Excellent work.

Mknopp (talk) 19:08, February 13, 2013 (UTC)

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