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    Aims for the Wiki

    June 17, 2012 by NguyenXIII

    I am a big fan of Kim Possible and I have been hoping for a new season since the show ended 5 years ago until I finally gave up hope. Until rencently, I decided to rewatch the whole series again.

    I understand why I really became hooked on the show all those years ago. And none of the new show really captivated my attention. In my opinion most of the new shows are not horrible. I really want Disney to bring back the show because I can still see there are still a lot of fans out there.

    We should this wiki as the base of operation to coordinate a Kimintervention and build up the fan base again to get what we want. I see that the main problem is not that there not enough fan but we don't know how to band together and fight for the show. I have s…

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