As mentioned in my other blog, we need to do a lot of work on the episode pages in order to make them look like they aren't just copied from Wikipedia. Our new Manual of Style will help in the "De-Wikipedia-ing" of the pages.

Another step that has been taken to improve the episodes was to create a page for every episode, even if it's just a placeholder. Every episode has been added to the Episodes category and the appropriate Season category (Season 1, etc.). Those categories are now a part of our menu at the top of the page. If you click on the "Episodes" menu instead of waiting for its choices to appear, you will be taken to the Episodes category.

Our List of Kim Possible episodes has been updated with airdates for each episode. Many of the descriptions are straight from Wikipedia's page, so those need to be changed. The information about the video games and soundtracks at the bottom will need to be moved to other pages, but that can be done later.

The next steps for improving the pages include:

  • Giving each one an Infobox that will include a Mission number (the Production Code), broadcast order and other basic info that is currently in the main body of the page.
  • Standardizing the sections for each one, so that each episode has the same type of information: quotes, episode summary, credits, etc. Someone even came up with a transcript for "Nursery Crimes", so I need to figure out how to handle that if we want to make a transcript for each episode.
  • Splitting off the longer sections onto their own page, such as the quotations. On some pages, there are a large number of those. There's a feature that some wikis are using that adds Tabs to a page so you can keep everything connected, yet have them separate and no one page gets excessively long.

Finally, the Production order and Chronological order pages need to be merged. A sortable table will handle the broadcast order, production order and chronological order together. I have some other information about the episodes from when Disney Channel broadcast their "Every Possible Episode" marathon that may help provide some consistency.

After this, we can work on character pages, but this is definitely enough for now.

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