This Memorial Day weekend, Disney Channel will celebrate making their 100th Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM). That milestone will be a "loose remake" of Adventures in Babysitting. Leading up to that premiere will be showing all DCOMs during the four-day weekend. And kicking it all off is So the Drama. Though it's the 57th DCOM, it's the first animated DCOM, so it's kind of nice that it will be shown first.

The DCOMs are not being shown in order. You can see the full schedule at the Pop Crush website, but So the Drama starts at 10 a.m. on Friday, May 27th.

That website also states that the movies are going to be released on VOD (Video on Demand), iTunes, Amazon (Amazon Prime), Instant Video and Google Play. So the Drama is already available on iTunes, and was released in HD sometime before April 2014 since that's when I got that one.

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