HI everyone I am new to this wikia having signed up today. I did not watch Kim Possible on the Disney chanel when it originally aired as i did not get Disney. i watched some episodes that were on another network when about 10 years ago but have only discovered all of the episodes last october(2015), on dailymotion. i love the show more than any other animation (which is saying a lot)  and have watched every episode twice through, today i am watching Ron millionaire and Triple S, during my third time round.

I have a few questions and would greatly appreciate any help :) 

First i have noticed that many wikias are avalible as apps on google play store. Are there any plans to make a Kim Possible Wikia app as this would be very useful for out and about or quick referencing.

Second does anybody know of any fan fictions that are true to the characters and the show?

And finally i clicked the link to the Season 5 Petition but it was closed. Is there any idea when we will hear a reply?


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