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  • Ztyran

    My views on Kigo

    August 3, 2013 by Ztyran

    Many fans of Kim Possible seem to feel that the Kim should be with Shego in a relationship. I personally disagree with this more base on the in show interactions then any personal preference. In show it seems to me a variation of feuding siblings as oppose to and romantic undertones. Also it's shown frequently that if nothing else Shego is straight with a preference for men with a body type similar to Senor Senior, Junior's. It's also made clear in Stop Team Go that she was quite taken with Mr. Barkin even after the effects of the Attitudinator wore off. To me if Kim were to ever go lesbian, I feel that the attitude she shows towards Bonnie would be more likely an example of the love-hate romance or romance in general that people think Kim …

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  • Ztyran

    I've noticed over the four seasons of Kim Possible that Dr. Drakken and Ron Stoppable are very similar in many ways. The first of these is the lack of respect they both receive. Ron has been by Kim's side on almost every mission and even saved the day himself once or twice, and still most people, including the bulk of Kim's enemies are unable to remember his name. Dr Drakken is similarly underestimated when in So the Drama he came closer then any recurring character to conquering the world. The second big similarity is their brilliance. Despite his usual failures, much of Drakken's technology seems to work as expected. Also it's show that if Ron focuses he is capable of great genius. The last similarly is the women they are romantically invol…

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  • Ztyran

    Henchco: A place in Fiction

    December 28, 2010 by Ztyran

    I was watching an episode of Kim Possible that featured Henchco when I realized that it works well in the fictional world in general. Think about it, in other shows we see villains who aren't geniuses with various gadgets and weapons that fit their themes with no explanation on how they got those toys. The idea of a company that makes the weapons for villains, under the cover of "exotic defenses" for the rich and famous, makes perfect sense. Plus the incompetence of poser villains would give the company job security as they will keep coming back. I'm surprised more shows and works of fiction don't have such a group. Ztyran 18:29, December 28, 2010 (UTC)

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