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Yori dual-wielding fans against Gorilla Fist's minions.

In combat Yori would use a twin set of Japanese Tessen handheld war fans.

At one point Yori was able to slice a volcanic rock wall, allowing magma to pour in, covering her escape with Ron Stoppable from Monkey Fist[1]. However it is unknown if she accomplished that by use of the weapons alone, or if she utilized jitsu technique in combination with the tessen. She also had them later while searching for the missing Master Sensei[2].


  • A Disney Character, Mulan, used a Fan as a weapon in her battle against Shan-Yu in the movie, Mulan. That Fan could be the inspiration for Yori's battle fans.
    • More likely the Real Life Japanese Tessen war-fans are the inspiration for both Yori and Mulan's weapons. Often used by ninja.


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