Full Name: Unknown
Alias(es): No Known Aliases
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Build: Extremely tall and muscular
Hair: Dark Green
Eyes: Yellow with Red Iris
Skin: Light Green
Hometown: Planet Lorwardia (Outer Space)
Professional Info
  No Known Affiliations
  No Known Relatives
Love Interest(s):
  No Known Pets
  No Known Nemesis
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Mad Dogs and Aliens"
Voiced by:
  Kristen Johnston

Warmonga is a female alien from the planet Lorwardia. As seems to be the case for the rest of her people, Warmonga is a skilled warrior and delights in using her incredible strength in heated battle.


Compared to humans, Warmonga was a giant, towering somewhere between eight and ten feet tall. Her green skin, while apparently normal on Lorwardia, made her a minority on Earth. According to Wade, there were only two other such women: Shego and the spokeswoman for the Asparagus Advisory Counsel.


Lorwardian culture seemed to be based primarily around hunting and conquest, and Warmonga was a prime example of this.

Warmonga is extremely strong, a fierce fighter, and is very eager-to-please, though she can be very literal-minded when following orders.

She exhibits an incredible obsession with finding the Great Blue and pledging her loyalty to him, and that she is somewhat gullible.

Still, communication with Warmonga has proven to be taxing at times. Despite her minor traits of always referring to herself in the third person, as well as yelling out her name as a war cry. It is unclear this is simply her behavior or is typical of her entire race or at least warrior caste, Warmonga has absolutely no concept of Earth slang phrases. When Drakken tries to explain to her the concept of "showing someone the door", she actually picked Shego up and tossed her through the door. This leads to another problem. Being every bit as powerful as her enormous size indicates, Warmonga has little understanding of her own strength in comparison to regular humans. This can make her dangerous even when she's trying to be nice. More than once, she found herself hugging Drakken and nearly crushed him.

In "Graduation" she appears to be as malicious as Warhok. When Warhok told her they're going to take Kim to her planet and mounted her on her wall as her own trophy, she just smiles while looking at an unconscious Kim being held upside down by the leg.


Warmonga is an extremely strong and capable fighter. She has stated that she can lift 1300 "Kwalocks". Even without her vast array of Lorwardian weapons and technology, a few blows with her brute strength is enough to greatly stun or disable most combatants. However, as she does combine her natural power with weapons in battle, this makes her all the more difficult to stand against even momentarily. In addition, Warmonga is highly resistant to injury, and most battle damage suffered only served to annoy her at best.


Before she traveled to Earth, Warmonga was apparently a warrior of considerable fame among her people. She was victorious in a battle of the thirteen moons of the planet Jingos. She and her comrade Warhok typically hunted side by side, and he gave her the spine of a creature called a Thorgoggle from their first hunt on the moon of the planet Parfa. Warmonga was implied to collect such trophies from her successful hunts.

Warmonga journeyed to Earth in search of the "The Great Blue": a legendary figure from her planet's mythology whom, it was prophesied, would lead her people to conquer the universe; a leader to whom she would pledge her allegiance and her arsenal of advanced weaponry. Because the prophecy also stated that "The Great Blue" would make contact from beyond the stars, when Warmonga picked up a broadcast of Dr. Drakken's earlier performance on American Starmaker, she became convinced that her search was finally over. She broke Drakken out of prison, eager to begin their partnership. Though Drakken was fully aware of Warmonga's mistake, he was glad to be free of prison, and happier still to have a willing, superior sidekick with a wide array of advanced Lorwardian technology. Warmonga quickly proved her worth by defeating and capturing Shego, and then proving a considerable threat even against Kim Possible in her battlesuit. Warmonga was so powerful, in fact, that she was not actually defeated: Shego leaked Warmonga's fanatical devotion to "The Great Blue" to Wade, and one of Kim's brothers used their "Pep Puppies" costume to convince Warmonga that Drakken had lied about his identity. Enraged, Warmonga turned on Drakken and promptly left Earth to meet "The Great Blue" elsewhere.

Warmonga would return to Earth later on for revenge, this time accompanied by Warhok and his Lorwardian invasion force. Though their primary goal was total planetary domination, they also sought to avenge Warmonga's damaged pride, so they abducted and imprisoned both Drakken and Kim aboard Warhok's spaceship shortly before the invasion began in earnest. Ironically, this was what drove Ron Stoppable and Shego to form an unlikely partnership in order to free their respective partners. Though Warmonga and Warhok's superior strength and technology made for a constantly uphill battle for the Earthlings, the Lorwardian duo were finally defeated when Ron tapped into his dormant Mystical Monkey Power; throwing them headlong into their crashing spacecraft just before it exploded. Her ultimate fate was never confirmed: some fans suggested that she was apparently killed, though this is debatable, considering the overall nature of the series and the Lorwardians' tremendous resistance to injury.


Dr. Drakken

Based on the belief that Drakken was the Great Blue, Warmonga pledged herself fully to him. She was happy to be named his new sidekick, and gave him the use of all of her Lorwardian technology. She was also rather affectionate physically, which Drakken disliked both in general, and because her great strength typically resulted in her hurting him. Once Warmonga was tricked into thinking that Drakken had lied to her, she became vengeful and abandoned him, and was all too happy to invade his home planet and imprison him later on.


The exact nature of Warmonga's relationship with Warhok was unclear, especially given her initial treatment of Drakken. If nothing else, Warmonga certainly considered Warhok a trusted comrade, and their bond appeared to be quite strong, as Warhok was very interested in avenging those that had wronged Warmonga, and was in the habit of giving her trophies to commemorate their victories.



  • Spaceship
  • Portable lair with Annihilatron, Tremorator, Neurotomic disabler, and planetary oxygen depleter
  • Ray gun
  • Gauntlets with detachable energy coils
  • Battle staff with variable settings
  • Hoverboard




  • According to the creators, Warhok and Warmonga's relationship as battlemates is synonymous to a married couple.[citation needed] This sort of acts as a "parallel" between Kim and Ron's relationship. Another "parallel" can be drawn to Drakken and Shego.
  • It is debated if Kristen Johnston is the voice of Warmonga, or if it is Kerri Kenney, as she was credited at the end of "Mad Dogs and Aliens" and "Graduation".
  • Before Warhok's appearance, it is often speculated that Lorwardia is populated only by women, and Warmonga being cast as a queen of a race of space amazons.
  • Warmonga's name is an allusion to "Warmonger", someone who starts or tries to start wars.
  • Some fans suggest that Ron Stoppable may have been "The Great Blue" that Warmonga was searching for. There are two explanations for this: Ron is surrounded by a visible blue aura when he taps into his Mystical Monkey Power. Also, when Drakken's evil energy was transferred into Ron, unleashing his own evil side and effectively turning him blue, he was a highly credible threat as a villain.
  • Unlike the other villains, Warmonga was the only villain in the series who was defeated by two different weapons that Kim & Ron had:
  1. Kim's battlesuit.
  2. Ron's mystical monkey power.

Alternate Versions

Behind the Scenes

Voice Actor/Actress

She was voiced by Kristen Johnston.

Episode Appearances

Season 4
US Broadcast
405 70 Mad Dogs and Aliens
421 86 Graduation, Part 1
422 87 Graduation, Part 2


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