Why Don't You Kiss Her
Ron reflecting on his relationship with Kim while her romance with Eric blossoms.
Song by Jesse McCartney
Released: 2005
Length: 00:39
Current: Why Don't You Kiss Her
Why Don't You Kiss Her - Kim Possible movie So the Drama00:39

Why Don't You Kiss Her - Kim Possible movie So the Drama

A short section of Why Don't You Kiss Her played in So the Drama during the montage in which Kim and Eric's relationship develops. Ron, feeling jealous and dejected, reflects on his own relationship with Kim - coming to terms with the fact that he might have feelings for her.


The song was written and produced by Jason Blume and Andrew Fromm and performed by Jesse McCartney[1].


We're the best of friends

And we share our secrets

She knows everything that is on my mind

Why don't you kiss her Why don't you tell her Why don't you let her see The feelings that you hide 'Cause she'll never know If you never show
The way you feel inside


  1. So the Drama

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