Worldwide Evil Empire
Type: Evil
Notable members: Gemini
First Appearance: "The Ron Factor"

The Worldwide Evil Empire, commonly referred to by the acronym W.E.E., is a shadow organization working to spread chaos around the globe. As direct result, and because of its leader Gemini's sibling rivalry with Betty Director, the organization at times seeks to disrupt the peacekeeping efforts of Global Justice.[1]


Each agent of the Worldwide Evil Empire was codenamed with a letter from the Greek alphabet, which was displayed on the chest of their uniform. They typically made use of fly-on-the-wall cams to gather information.[1]

Base of Operations

The Worldwide Evil Empire had an underwater headquarters in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. It could be raised on command and was impossible for even Global Justice to detect otherwise, though Wade managed to do so via a signal in a leftover fly-on-the-wall cam. The headquarters was equipped with a personal escape pod for Gemini's use. Agents were seen to travel to the headquarters, while raised, by helicopter.[1]


  • Sheldon Director
  • Agent Beta
  • Agent Omega
  • Agent Sigma
  • Agent Gamma
  • Agent Delta
  • Agent Tau
  • Agent Chi
  • Agent Epsilon
  • Agent Alpha (vacant)




  • But for color, the WEE "Aqua Base" is virtually identical in both form and function to the one from James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me".

Behind the Scenes

Episode Appearances

Season 2
US Broadcast
201 22 The Ron Factor


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